Frequently asked questions!


Frequently asked questions!

Questions asked by our customers

You may find many useful answers to questions normally being asked by our customers. This could save you some time with the booking process.


Either you are planning a big festival or a smaller corporate event, STANZA Creative Solutions will do the performance related technical project management to achieve the best possible experience for everyone!

We’ll help you with artist booking, stage design, power requirements, necessary equipment hire and experienced stage production crew ranging from designers to riggers and engineers.

If you need a website that becomes as a hub for your production, we can help you with that as well!


You already have the necessary technical equipment, but need experienced engineers?

Maybe you are an equipment rental company looking for a crew?

We have great resident engineers and freelancers ready to do sound, lighting and A/V tasks.

In addition to complete crew hire, we also provide engineers separately.


You are planning this great event and you might know which artists you want, but don’t have experience in the booking process yourself.

Maybe you just have a concept, and are unsure which performers to book for your event. No problem!

Are you a performer yourself, and need someone to handle booking requests for you?

Which ever of the above suits you, we’ll help you!


You are planning a great show, but is social media, mailing lists and ticket services enough to convince your audience?

We say no. Although social media channels are the most efficient way of marketing your event these days, a great website still stands as the corner stone of your branding online.

Let STANZA Creative Solutions fast-forward you to the next level online!

What does the icon in the company logo represent?

The Fast Forward (abbreviated FF) icon in our logo, is shown between the “Creative” and “Solutions” text.
It is there to represent the fact that the work we do is fast forwarded for our customers, going straight to the show.

What role does the technical project manager have?

The project manager has overall responsibility and overview of a stage production.
His/her tasks include communication with the organizer, obtaining information about performers’ technical needs, and distributing this information to the various technicians.
The project manager often also participates in the design of the stage production.

What does the FOH sound engineer do?

Front Of House (abbreviated FOH) sound engineer is responsible for the sound being reproduced to the audience.
The technician also ensures that the sound pressure levels are kept within the statutory values.
In smaller venues, it is common for one audio engineer to do both FOH and monitor mixing.

What’s the lighting tech and lighting designer doing?

Lighting technicians set up and program the stage lighting based on the lighting designer’s wishes.
This is often the same person.

What role does the AV technician / designer have?

AV (audiovisual) technician sets up, programs and runs visual image / video effects, or presentations as desired by content the designer.
The effects are synchronized with sound and light and presented on one or more screens in order to create an even greater overall impression of the stage production.
AV designer and technician can be the same person.

What is the role of a system engineer?

Plan how the venues technical equipment interconnects and monitor equipment status during the show.
In large productions, there are dedicated systems engineers for light, sound, AV and pyrotechnics.

What does a monitoring technician do?

On a larger stage, it’s hard to hear what the others are playing, or what they are saying.
A monitortech’s task is to make a personal mix for every musician / performer, so they can hear what’s important for their performance on the stage.

What is web design and web development?

Web design is the process of creating the visual impression of the website.
Web development is a common term for programming the necessary background logic, interactive visual effects, etc.

What is UX design?

UX is short for “User Experience”.
The user experience designers job is to organize a website in an intuitive way, so the user quickly finds the desired information / content.
Webdesigners and UX designers either work really close, or are the same person.

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